Advent Calendar 2017


Coming soon:

Daily posts from the 3rd of December 2017 (First Sunday of Advent) to Christmas Eve (24th December 2017).

Basically, The Calendar based on a Polish custom of the Advent Calendar (, but with short posts released instead of chocolates/toys.

‘Beginning on the First Sunday of Advent, the 3rd December 2017, a short post will appear at The Amber Compendium, The OIL forums and my Twitter profile. A short theory, some interesting fact, some topic from mythology… every day until Christmas Eve’

Of course, all those things will be (more-or-less) related to ASOIAF. As LML and JoeMagician can confirm, I’m a huuuuge fan of Professor Tolkien’s ‘Legendarium’ (aka Tolkien Mythos), of GRRM’s ASOIAF, of LML’s works, and of real-world mythology, history, traditions, symbolic art etc. – so this ‘Advent Calendar’ will by my homage to all these great things.

I wouldn’t call those short daily posts theories, I’ll just explore different aspects, places, events etc. of those books, and try to point out some paralels and similarities. The reader is asked to decide whether he thinks my finds are right or wrong.

Basically, it won’t be some enormous essay, or elaborate theory – different topic every day, to give the reader food for thought.

This ‘Advent Calendar’ series will be published both in Polish and English, from next Sunday to Christmas Eve.

And well, I hope at least some people will find such weird blog interesting.

I’m thinking about writing some longer essays, in the similar style as LML’s, but for now, ‘The Advent Calendar’ will suffice. My goal is to show the beauty of mythology, art, literature and symbolism – and well, even if my analysis will be wrong, I’ll still show one of the POSSIBILITIES.

That’s how I answer those Polish readers who say Mythical Astronomy is too complex to be real… let’s assume LML was wrong about ASOIAF and GRRM’s plan… but his essays show that such idea cold arise in the human mind.

Food for thought, inspiration, looking for paralels, exploring Tolkien, ASOIAF, mythology and many other works of literature and art… That’s what ‘The Amber Compendium’ is.

Thanks for asking, Matt aka Bluetiger (BT), Head of The Amber Compendium and Mythical Astronomy Poland.

(More about ‘The Advent Calendar 2017’, aka Operation Yule 2017:

Yours, Bluetiger.