The Advent Calendar – list of episodes

Introduction to The Calendar

The First Week of Advent

3rd of December 2017: Tom Bombadil and Coldhands

4th of December 2017: House Harclay and Triple Moon

5th of December 2017: Daeron

6th of December 2017: Saint Nicholas Day

7th of December 2017: Sansa and Luthien

8th of December 2017: The Burning of the Ships: Feanor, Brandon, Nymeria

9th of December 2017: Oak King, Holly King and Renly

The Second Week of Advent

10th of December 2017: The Long Night upon Valinor

11th of December 2017: Arien and Tilion

12th of December 2017: Numenor

13th of December 2017: Minas Ithil, Minas Anor

14th of December 2017: Disaster of the Gladden Fields

15th of December 2017: The Wild Men of the Woods

16th of December 2017: Thoren Smallwood

The Third Week of Advent

17th of December 2017: The Valar

18th of December 2017: The Maiar

19th of December 2017: The Elves (Eldar, Quendi)

20th of December 2017: The metals of Middle-Earth

21st of December 2017: Yule

22nd of December 2017: Bran

23rd of December 2017: Baldur

The Fouth Week of Advent

24th of December 2017 (Christmas Eve): Eärendil, The Evenstar and The Morningstar

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