Children of Jaehaerys and Alysanne & Children of Garth Greenhand

I’ve noticed some parallels between the 13 children of Jaehaerys and Alysanne from TWOIAF and Fire and Blood and Garth Greenhand’s 13 notable children from TWOIAF. The similarities are the strongest in the following pairs: Baelon & John, Saera & Florys, Alyssa & Rose, Viserra & Gilbert, Maegelle & Maris, Daella & Ellyn. It is much harder to find out who parallels Gael, Aemon, Aegon, Vaegon and Daenerys. Daenerys’ case is especially difficult, most likely because at the time when TWOIAF was complied, this character did not exist – Princess Daenerys replaced Prince Aeryn Targaryen. I believe Aeryn was supposed to parallel either Brandon of the Bloody Blade or Foss the Archer.

Child of Jaehaerys & Alysanne Child of Garth Greenhand Parallels between the two:
Baelon Targaryen (Baelon the Brave) John of the Oak John, “The First Knight”, supposedly introduced chivalry to Westeros and founded House Oakheart of Old Oak. In order to win knighthood, Baelon journeyed to Old Oak and took part in Lord Oakheart’s tourney as a mystery knight known as the Silver Fool.
Saera Targaryen Florys the Fox Florys had three husbands, each ignorant of the existence of the others.

Saera had three lovers, Jonah Mooton, Roy Connington and Braxton Beesbury. Each believed he was “the one”.

Alyssa Targaryen Rose of Red Lake Rose of Red Lake had the power to turn into a crane.

Alyssa loved flying so much she would fly on her dragon Meleys the Red Queen with her infant sons, Viserys and Daemon. Alyssa’s name evokes her mother, Queen Alysanne, whose dragon Silverwing made her lair on an isle in the Red Lake.

Viserra Targaryen Gilbert of the Vines Gilbert invented wine.

Viserra had a fondness for wine and other beverages. She died while racing drunkenly through the streets of King’s Landing.

Maegelle Targaryen (Septa Maegelle) Maris the Maid (Maris the Most Fair) Both lived in Oldtown.
Daella Targaryen Ellyn Ever Sweet Ellyn “sought out the King of the Bees in his vast mountain hive and made a pact with him, to care for his children and his children’s children for all time”.

Daella traveled to the Eyrie and married Lord Rodrik Arryn, becoming a step-mother for his children.

The Eyrie is often described as a honeycomb (“From below it looked like a small white honeycomb” in Catelyn’s AGOT chapter. Tyrion imprisoned in its Sky Cells calls himself “a bee in a stone honeycomb, and someone had torn off his wings”, and in AFFC, Alayne Stone thinks that “The Eyrie shrank above them. The sky cells on the lower levels made the castle look something like a honeycomb from below. A honeycomb made of ice”).

It is also mentioned that, ironically, Daella was afraid of bees and gardens. To scare her, Saera would put bees in her chamberpot.

Vaegon (Archmaester) Rowan Gold Tree or Foss the Archer Vaegon’s mask, rod and ring were made of gold, thus his area of expertise was mathematics. House Fossoway was famous for its financial skills (Florence Fossoway was the unofficial “master of coin” for Jaehaerys).

Alternatively, Vaegon (with his golden attire) parallels Rowan Gold Tree.

Gael (the Winter Child) Owen Oakenshield or

Rowan Gold Tree

Gael drowned in Blackwater Bay after her lover, a wandering minstrel, left her. In TWOIAF, it is mentioned that Rowan’s lover also abandoned her.
Gaemon & Valerion Herndon of the Horn

Harlon the Hunter

Gaemon and Valerion were not twins, but they were the 11th and 12th children of Jaehaerys and Alysanne. It is mentioned that as an infant, Valerion was similar to Gaemon.
Aegon Bors the Breaker Alysanne believed her son would have survived, had she been allowed to bathe in the sacred springs of Maidenpool.

Bors supposedly gained his strength by drinking bull’s blood

Aegon was named after his uncle Aegon the Uncrowned, who was killed by Maegor. The seat of House Bulwer is at Blackcrown.

In ASOIAF, there is a member of the Bulwer family named Alysanne, presumably after Aegon’s mother.

Daenerys (in TWOIAF: Aeryn) Foss the Archer? Brandon? Rowan?
Aemon Brandon of the Bloody Blade or Owen Oakenshield Arguments for Owen:

During the Myrish Bloodbath, Aemon led the royal forces to Tarth, in order to win it back from Myrish pirates. Owen conquered the Shield Islands and drove merlings and selkies into the sea. It is also mentioned that Aemon’s daughter Rhaenys accompanied Jaehaerys when he visited all four Shield Islands.

Arguments for Brandon:

Aemon’s dragon was Caraxes, the Blood Wyrm. Caraxes and its rider Daemon Targaryen fell into God’s Eye lake during the Battle Above God’s Eye in 130 AC. The waters of the like boiled when the dragon’s blood poured into it. Brandon slew so many Children of the Forest at Blue Lake that it became thereafter known as Red Lake.

One thought on “Children of Jaehaerys and Alysanne & Children of Garth Greenhand

  1. Ooooh, I like this. Especially the Bors/Aegon parallel, as there is a LOT of sacrificial bull-symbolism going on with all the bull-people in the stories… Bors is one big sacrifice to himself, House Bulwer and Prester have bulls and blood as sigils, and Gendry is a ripe candidate for Mel’s sacrificial fires, if she gets her hands on him.

    I’ll have to read up on the kids, but maybe there’s some sacrifice-stuff going on with Aegon or even Daenerys. Awesome catch!

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