Bran Stark: Endgame (SPOILERS?)

Bran Stark: Endgame

some thoughts from Bluetiger


I’m sorry for this post being so messy and chaotic. I simply don’t have the time to gather my thoughts in the proper essay format. There will be spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8 (including the latest episode, S803: The Long Night). There might be spoilers for the upcoming episodes, and who knows, maybe even for the books.

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(this time for real)

The Night King is dead. Long live the Night King.

In the next episode, Daenerys, Jony & Co, will leave Winterfell and march south towards White Harbor, where they’ll board the remaining ships of the Targaryen armada and sail to King’s Landing to battle Cersei, Euron & the Golden Company.

Bran will stay in Winterfell. There must always be a Stark in Winterfell. The castle & the winter-town will be undergoing some serious repairs after last episode’s battle. With all his friends and family gone, Bran will feel more alienated than ever. Having realised that no human can understand him now that he’s fully turned into the Three Eyed Crow, Bran will seek solace in the trees.

He’ll go deeper than ever before. Bloodraven has warned him before. Don’t stay too long in the green sea or you’ll drown. But now there’s no Bloodraven to guide him. Or, Bran will feel some “disturbance in the Force”, some weird presence in the weirwood tree.

Bran will go even deeper into the trees. And there, the Night King will be waiting.

Perhaps he’s never truly been in that physical icy body. Perhaps the physical NK was always a puppet controlled by this powerful greenseer from afar. Or, NK’s spirit went into the Winterfell heart tree in that instant between Arya stabbing him and his icy body shattering into myriad particles. Who knows. But the NK will be there.

Perhaps in his human form. Perhaps still icy. But he and Bran will meet, and maybe talk… and battle.

Bran will wrestle with the NK on the astral plane. And he’ll find a way to destroy him (or free him) once and for all. But that’ll lead to the weirnet being destroyed. Bran will mentally duel with the NK, just like Finrod Felagund who battled Sauron with songs of power, and Sauron answered with spells and chant of his own. Just like Luthien who also dueled Sauron at Tol-in-Gaurhoth.

In the end, Bran will sacrifice his greenseer powers, and most likely his life as well. He’ll save the world. The Others will never rise again. But just like Frodo, who has saved Shire and Middle-earth, but not for himself, Bran won’t live happily after in Westeros. He won’t see all those new springs, summers, autumns and winters. He’ll pass away.

And no one will know how that “broken boy”, whom they all considered to be little more than a “weird kid”, saved all Westeros and all Essos and all the Known World.

They’ll be busy with their game of thrones. They won’t thank him. They won’t remember. They most likely won’t even notice. The Starks will mourn their little brother. But for the rest of Westeros, there will be more “important” things. Squabbles over lands, matters of inheritance, politics, petty games and rivalries. That will be the end of the Greenseers in history and in song.

The ultimate bitter-sweet ending…

“Courage is found in unlikely places…” [LOTR]

What do you think?

Thanks for reading & cheers!

– Bluetiger


The “weird/psychic” character with special powers who’s misunderstood & alienated by the society yet saves everybody in the end is, from what I understand, a motiff that has already appeared in GRRM’s writing, vide Haviland Tuf and Thomas Tudbury, The Great and Powerful Turtle.


3 thoughts on “Bran Stark: Endgame (SPOILERS?)

  1. To add to your list of “weird psychics that save the day”, there is also Royd Eris from Nightflyers, Robb and Lya from A Song for Lya (Lya picks up information, Robb picks up emotions). Tom Tudbury has telekinesis, as does Matt (Override) and Trager (Meathouse Man), but the later two use their gifts as “corpse handlers” (moving dead men for work). Haviland Tuf has a psychic connection with his psychic cats who relay information to him that they pick up from the other person. And there is the Paer-Shaped man from the sotry Pear-Shaped Man who is like a totally weird, corrupted outcast that has some ability to mess with minds and eventually “consumes” his victims. Basically, it IS all there 🙂 This is totally a theme that is prevelant in Martinworld.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for those additional examples 😉
      I’ve read or listened to the following GRRM stories:
      * The Hero
      * Sandkings
      * The Way of Cross and Dragon
      * Nightflyers
      * The Fortress
      * A Beast for Norn
      * Guardians
      * The Plague Star
      * Loaves and Fishes
      * Second Helpings
      * Call Him Moses
      * Manna from Heaven
      * In the House of the Worm

      and several others…
      I’ve heard about Turtles’ powers from some summary, so I’ve included him as well. This theme, yeah, it’s in many stories.

      I haven’t read A Song for Lya, Override, The Meathouse Man, The Pear-Shaped Man or any of of the Wild Cards stories. But it’s nice to see that the “weird psychic hero” motiff also appears. 🙂

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