The Advent Calendar – 18th Dec. 2017

18th of December 2017

The Maiar

Spirits akin to The Valar, but of lesser might. Helpers of The Powers in ruling the world. Their number is unknown, but they are numerous, and only few took physical forms.

Eönwë – herald of Manwe and his banner-bearer, leader of The Army of Valinor. At the end of the First Age he was dispatched to Middle-Earth, to defeat Morgoth, with the help of hosts of Elves from Valinor and Men.

Ilmarë – described as one of the most powerful Maiar, helper of Varda, Queen of the Valar.

Ossë – vassal of Ulmo, protector of the seas which encircle Middle-Earth. According to Elven tales, once he joined Morgoth, tempted by the promise of getting Ulmo’s dominion over all waters.

Uinen– called The Lady of the Seas, wife of Osse. She was the one to persuade the rebellious Maia to repent and receive the pardon of The Valar.

Arien – the protectress of The Sun, one of the fire spirits.

Tilion – Maia guiding The Moon

Salmar – servant of Ulmo, who created the great conches playing the music of the sea.

Allatar and Pallando – called The Blue Wizards, send by The Valar to Middle-Earth, to thwart the schemes of Sauron. Their fate remains a mystery.

Aiwendil – in the Middle-Earth known as Radagast the Brown, a Wizard, great friend of animals.

Curumo – called Saruman the White, a Maia of Aule, leader of the Order of Wizards (Istari), who became a traitor, scheming with Sauron and attacking Rohan.

Olórin – the wisest of the Maiar, known as Gandalf the Grey, Mithrandir, Tharkun, Incanus, The White Rider.

Melian – who married Elu Thingol, a king of the Elves. Queen of Sindar, The Grey Elves.

Gothmog – Lord of Balrogs, servant of Morgoth, equall in rank to Sauron. Killed by elven warrior Echtelion, during the Sack of Gondolin.

Durin’s Bane – a fire demon, who went into hiding after Morgoth’s defeat, and revealed himself much later in Khazad-dum (Moria), where he killed the King of Dwarves Durin VI. He died in a duel with Olorin, during the War of the Ring.

Mairon – the most trusted follower of Morgoth, known as Sauron, Gorthaur and The Necromancer. After Morgoth’s fall, he deceived Eonwe, calling him to the trial before The Valar, and managed to escape. Lord of Mordor and creator of The One Ring. His actions lead to the Downfall of Numenor, as he was the one to advise king Ar-Pharazon to attack the Blessed Realm. Claiming to be a servant of Aule, Annatar, he managed to fool The Elves of Hollin and Celebrimbor, who forged The Rings of Power. Defeated in The War of the Last Alliance, he lost the ability to take a physical shape (once, he was known as the master of shapeshifting). Sauron returned at the end of The Third Age, but was defeated in the War of the Ring.

The ‘evil spirits’ inhabiting dragons might be Maiar as well (in The Legendarium, evil can not create, only mock and corrupt, therefore were-wolves, dragons and other beast had to be made from ‘normal’ beings, with fallen Maiar inside): Glaurung, Ancalagon, Scatha, Smaug, were-wolves:  Draugluin and Carcharoth, vampires: Thuringwethil, spirits who turned into monstrous spiders: Ungoliant (and Shelob?).

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