The Advent Calendar – 14th Dec. 2017

14th of December 2017

In A Game of Thrones, Eddard Stark sends a group of men-at-arms and knights, to bring Ser Gregor Clegane to the royal justice. Their leaders were: Lord Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr, Lord Lothar Mallery and Ser Gladden Wylde…

As we know, this expedition meets a bloody end, when its members fall into The Lannister trap at The Mummer’s Ford.

Perhaps, Ser Gladden’s name was a foreshadowing of this fate…

Elendil and Anarion perished during the War of the Last Alliance, but Isildur managed to cut The One Ring from Sauron’s hand. The Dark Lord was defeated, as it was believed at that time, forever.

After the war ended, Isildur stayed in Gondor for a year, and then decided to return to Arnor, to ascend to the throne and reunite with his wife, and the youngest son Valandil, whom he left in Rivendell.

He set off and rode westwards, with three adult sons and about two hundred knights. But when they reached The Fields of Gladden, in the vale of Anduin, close to The Misty Mountains, they were ambushed by orcs, a remnant of Sauron’s army, who were hiding there since The Alliance’s hosts cut them off from the main forces of Mordor.

The Numenoreans were surrounded, and slaughtered – in the end, only three survived: the squire of Elendur (Islidur’s son and heir), who was stunned after receiving a blow to the head, but lived, as well as Ohtar and his unnamed companion, who were ordered to escape, to save the shards of Narsil (the sword, which cut The One Ring from The Dark Lord’s hand). In the end, Isildur, heavily wounded, realised that defeat is certain. So he put The Ring on his finger and tried to flee, invisible, but the jewel of Sauron proved treacherous – it slipped off his finger, and as Isildur tried to swim across the river, he was noticed by orcs, and shot with arrows.

The Ring was lost. Only many centuries later it was revealed that it came into possesion of certain Smeagol, called Gollum, a member of a tribe akin to hobbits, who settled on the shores of Anduin.

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