The Advent Calendar – 10th Dec. 2017

10th of December 2017, Sunday

Melkor, The One Who Raises With Might, was the mightiest of The Ainur created by Eru Illuvatar, counted among The Valar, The Powers of the World. But he has fallen because of his pride, rebelling against Eru and fighting with his brothers and sisters. He received a new name, Morgoth, The Dark Lord and Tyrant. Many of The Maiar and other spirits joined him, among Mairon (Sauron) and Balrogs. He corrupted the works of Illuvatar, destroyed what The Valar have built. It is because of him that the world became infested by evil creatures, such as orcs, dragons and were-wolves. (It’s worth to mention that in Tolkien’s Legendarium the evil does not possess the power to create, it can only corrupt and mock).

During the Spring of Arda, in the first centuries after its creation, The Valar decided to bring light to this realm. Aulë, Vala associated with smithing, metallurgy and all crafts, built two high towers, one in the far south and one in the north. Varda Elentári, one of The Valier, called Queen of the Valar and Stars, filled them with promordial light, and  Manwë Súlimo, The Elder King and Eru’s regent, hallowed them. In the Middle-Earth, the light of The Two Lamps, callled Illuin and Ormal) mingled, resulting in perfect conditions for trees and other plants planted by Yavanna. A lake was located there, and in the middle of it, the great lake Alamren, where The Valar resided.

When The Valar finished their task of creating and ornamenting Arda, they went to rest. Morgoth decided that his time has come – his armies attacked The Lamps, and tore them down. Darkness fell upon the world, and in the confusion, Morgoth managed to escape.

After some time, The Valar saw how great was the destruction The Enemy has caused. They left Middle-Earth and went to Aman, a cntinent in the far west. There they founded a realm called Valinor. To return light to the world, Yavanna created The Two Trees, silver Telperion and golden Laurelin.

At the same time, The Valar received a vision, and understood that The Firstborn Children of Illuvatar, The Elves, were about to wake. Varda collected dew from the leaves of The Silver Tree, and created stars. And indeed, the Elven soon woke on the shores of lake Cuiviénen, in the eastern Middle-Earth. The first thing they saw were the Stars of Varda – and for this reason, they’ve always loved Varda most of The Valar. The Valar feared that Eldar, for that was the name they gave to The Elves (The People of the Stars), are in danger, as Morgoth’s servants attacked them, carrying many to The Dark Lord’s stronghold. Many believe that orcs were created in this way.

Some Elves agreed to move to Valinor – tribes and houses which settled in that realm, in the light of The Two Trees, are called The High Elves, or Calaquendi, The Elves of the Light. Among them are The Vanyar, The Noldor and those Teleri who arrived in Aman (some remained in Beleriand, a part of Middle-Earth, their king was Elu Thingol, and Melian, one of The Maiar, their queen).

But The Valar did not want to leave those Elves, who prefered to stay in their homeland, and Men, who were yet to come, at the mercy of Morgoth. So, they attacked Morgoth’s fortress in the frozen wastes of the north, and sacked it. The Dark Lord was captured, brought to Valinor and sentenced to three ages in chains.

When this time passed, Morgoth pretended, that he repented, and apologised for his wrong deeds. He received it, and was free agan. The world he saw was quite different. Morgoth became interested in the tribe of The Noldor, very skilled in crafts and smithing, and espiecially in the House of their king, Finwe. He began to cause unrest and quarrels, spreading false rumours. Morgoth managed to drive a wedge between Feanor, the king’s eldest son, and his younger brothers, Fingolfin and Finarfin. But when Feanor entered Fingolfin’s hall, dressed in armour, with helmet on his head and threatened him with sword, The Valar began to search for the cause of those unrests. During trial, they realised that Morgoth was behind all of them, and sent Tulkas to arrest him.

However, it turned out that Morgoth was already gone.

He went to the dark land called Avathar, whence lived a mysterious creature called Ungoliant, most likely one of the fallen Ainur, in the shape of a monstrous spider. Morgoth convinced her to help him attack Valinor, promising great treasures as a reward.

For this assault, he chose the day of a great holiday dedictated to Eru, when The Valar, The Maiar and The Elves gathered on Mount Taniquetil. On this very day Feanor returned from exile, to Formenos, to the north of Valinor (where his father Finwe moved as well. Feanor’s works were stored there, The Silmarils among them). He stood in front of Manwe’s throne, alongside Fingolfin his brother. They shook hands, promising eternal friendshis, and forgave past misunderstandings.

At that very moment Morgoth and Ungoliant arrived, hidden in the cloud of Unlight. They climbed the hills where The Two Trees were growing. Morgoth pierced them with his dark spear, and the resin came out, in the likeness of blood. Ungoliant drank their sap, filling their trunks with venom. The Trees died, and great Darkness fell upon Valinor.

 In that hour was made a Darkness that seemed not lack but a thing with being of its own: for it was indeed made by malice out of Light, and it had power to pierce the eye, and to enter heart and mind, and strangle the very will.

Under the cover of this Darkness, Morgoth attacked Formenos, and stole The Silmarils, killing king Finwe, who was the only one who stood in his way.

Those events are called The Long Night, a term well-known to the readers of A Song of Ice and Fire


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