Questions about Mythical Astronomy.

Some questions to LML, concerning ‘The Mythical Astronomy of Ice and Fire’


  1. Do you think that we’ll get some brand new ‘mythical astronomy symbolism’ from George in the upcoming Sons of the Dragons novella (10th October 2017, I believe) and Fire and Blood lorebook?
  2. Is there any (in your opinion) significance of Ser Addam Velaryon’s trip to the Isle of Faces during the Dance of Dragons?

The dragon was Seasmoke, his rider Ser Addam Velaryon, determined to prove that not all bastards need be turncloaks. How better to do that than by retaking Tumbleton from the Two Betrayers, whose treason had stained him? Singers say Ser Addam had flown from King’s Landing to the Gods Eye, where he landed on the sacred Isle of Faces and took counsel with the Green Men. The scholar must confine himself to known fact, and what we know is that Ser Addam flew far and fast, descending on castles great and small whose lords were loyal to the queen, to piece together an army.

And is it important that Addam was accused of being a traitor and had to flee from KL? An echo of original Dayne-Hightower migration?

4. Are Daynes and Hightowers descendants of the same wave of migrants, who might have fled from Bloodstone Emperor’s realm. Maybe Daynes were first, and then Hightowers were sent after them by The BE but rebelled or sth.

5. What’s the deal with the ‘Talking Trees’ of The Summer Isles?

For much of their recorded history, they lived in isolation from the rest of mankind. Their earliest maps, as carved into the famous Talking Trees of Tall Trees Town, show no lands but the isles themselves, surrounded by a vast world-spanning ocean. As islanders, they took to the seas in the dawn of days, first in oared coracles, then in larger, swifter ships with sails of woven hemp, yet few ever ventured beyond the sight of their own shores…and those who sailed beyond the horizons did not always return.

Are they weirwoods? Or are there many trees with similar ‘magical’ properties across Planetos? And what the h*** are those trees from Qarth with black bark and blue leaves? Corrupted weirwoods?

6. Do you think that Nissa Nissa was the same person as Amethyst Empress? (Basically, I’d like to know how many people we have in this group, and who is who: Amethyst Empress, Bloodstone Emperor, Nissa Nissa, Azor Ahai, Monkey-Tail Woman, Tiger Woman.

7. Do you think that GRRM planned to drop this massive amount of clues in The World of Ice and Fire or Fire and Blood from the very beginning, or did the realise that maybe he’d made this symbolism too complex, and only few people found it?

Basically, was TWOIAF a way to ‘guide the readers in the right direction’ and is it still possible to figure this whole ‘Mythical Astronomy’ thing out without TWOIAF? Or maybe, originally GRRM planned to give us those clues in this ‘5 years long gap’ between ‘Feast’ and ‘Dance’?

8. Do you think that by the end of ASOIAF the seasons will be back to normal (if they ever were like ours in the first place)? How would the destruction of the second moon help (if at all)?

9. Did GRRM plan this whole thing from the beginning, or did it just ‘grow’ (as GRRM is a ‘gardener’)?

10. Do you think that we’ll ever be able to determine if ‘Mythical Astronomy’ was right or not?

Well, obviously I’d prefer it to be true, but ever if it’s not, I’ll still be really, really grateful to you, for showing me that such thing is possible. I feel the same about Graham Hancock’s theories… I’d love to see them comfirmed, but at the same time, even if he’s 100% wrong (which I doubt), the books are still fun, and creative, and I’m glad I’ve read them, because they show that even if there was not ‘great advanced civilisation’ we can become it one day, and that things like mythology, archeoastronomy, legends, folklore and symbolism are very important.

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