Update – 19th March 2017

The Amber Compendium Update – 19th March 2017 


First catkins of 2017, photo by Bluetiger

We’re done with Bloodstone Emperor Azor Ahai, but before starting working on the next Mythical Astronomy of Ice and Fire episode’s translation (Waves of Night and Moon Blood), I’ll focus on The Amber Compendium essays.

When I decided to make an episode about Spring, Easter and Cycle of Seasons, I knew that this is a very vast topic… but I did not expect it to be that vast… I might have to divide that essay into few parts. It’ll be my priority, and yes, that means that episode about Norse Mythology is postponed again… but don’t worry it’ll be out one day, and several Norse deities, myths and traditions will be examined in Spring. I’m planning to write similar essays about other seasons as well.

So, what will this episode contain?

  • section about Sir James George Frazer’s The Golden Bough and discussion of many ideas presented there – and how that relates to ASOIAF (Oak & Holly King duality, robin and wren, Baldr and Hodr, mistletoe, King of the Woods, burning effigies, battle of winter and summer, Lenten Fires etc.)
  • connections between dawn and spring deities
  • section about Corn Kings, including discussion of J.R.R. Tolkien’s and C.S. Lewis’ ideas
  • section about spring deities and rituals of Ancient Greece and Rome
  • spring in Norse Mythology
  • spring is Slavic Mythology (including examination of Marzanna ritual)
  • spring in Germanic Mythology
  • Cycle of Seasons and Wheel of the Year discussion
  • Twelve full moons of the year and their symbolism
  • echoes of Biblical account of Jesus’ Passion in ASOIAF
  • examination of spring and fertility related deities and customs in ASOIAF (Pentos, The Reach etc.)
  • Holy Week and Easter
  • origins of some Easter customs and their symbolism
  • Easter tradiotions in Poland
  • examnation of several deities (including Kore, Demeter, Brigit, Artio, Gefn, Flora, Lada, Rindr, Ostara, Nerthus, Cerunnos, Dionysus etc.)

Bye for now… and let’s hope that monstrosity of an essay will be ready soon!

I hope you’ll have a perfect spring this year!




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