Update – 27th February 2017

The Amber Compendium Update – 27th February 2017


Meadows nearby Trzęsacz by the Baltic Sea (West Pomeranian Voivodeship,Poland), photo by Bluetiger (August 2016)

So, a month has passed since I’ve started this blog, and it’s been over three months since the last post. In case you wonder what’s going on, I decided to give this update:

As of now, the following things are planned:

The Amber Compendium Essays:

  • essay entitled The Edda of Ice and Fire – it’ll be an introduction to whole series about the Norse Mythology. It’ll explain most important things about Norse Mythology, a bit about its history and of course, how all of that relates to ASOIAF (and why I believe that GRRM poseses huge knowledge about it. This essay is my priority right now.
  • essay entitled The Amber Compendium Chapter I: Yggdrasil based on this thread from Westeros.org forum
  • more essays from Encyclopedia of Myth in ASOIAF, in similar style as the episode about House Wynch of Iron Holt

The Spring 2017 series:

  • episode about spring in mythology and fertility deities in both real world and The World of Ice and Fire – I’d like to publish this one before Palm Sunday (9th April)
  • episode about Easter customs and traditions – I’d like to publish this one during the Holy Week 2017

In the more distant future:

  •  Re-Read of ASOIAF: GOT Prologue
  • Amethyst Empress VS Golden King: The Princess and The Queen analysis
  • essay about ‘The Sons of the Dragon’ – when it comes out on 10th October 2017

Mythical Astronomy of Ice and Fire translations (tłumaczenia Mitycznej Astronomii Lodu i Ognia):

After consultation with LML, we’ve decided to translate and publish Mythical Astronomy essays in order of their original release, which you can see on LML’s WordPress page

More about Mythical Astronomy: Mythical Astronomy of Ice and Fire (translations to Polish)

Thanks for reading.

Yours, Bluetiger aka Matthew

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